Monday, October 22, 2012

Irreconcilable iPhone

I am addicted to social media. I literally go into withdrawal when I can't check my messages, see what's happening on Facebook and Twitter, or what is the latest craft on Pinterest. For me, a smartphone is a must. I was a total slave to my Crackberry until it turned on me and decided that I didn't need to see any texts or IMs any more. Thinking back, maybe it was an electronic intervention...either way, I wasn't ready to cut the cord (or cordless) feeding my addiction. So, I decided to become a sheep and follow the iPhone flock.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who adore their iPhones and I admit, there is plenty I do like about it, but overall it has been a real love/hate relationship. In the last ten months of owning one, I'e had to have it replaced twice. Both times the screen just went dead for no reason and refused to come back on. The geniuses (not being sarcastic, they are actually called that) simply took my phone and replaced it with a new one. This last time I was told it's a motherboard issue. I should note that it wasn't even fifteen days between replacements.

Now, here I am, going through the same symptoms that led up to the last shut down. I make a point of backing everything up to both the Cloud and my computer since I am certain the inevitable is coming. Several friends have suggested that I have a strong magnetic field that is effecting the phone (*snort* me, magnetic) others say I just keep drawing duds.

So, I think this will probably be my last iPhone, so if anyone has suggestions on which smartphone I should try just leave it in the comments section. I'd appreciate any suggestions.